These are resources which have been used by various EBH trainees over the years and you are encouraged to visit and try them out for your exam and general radiology revision. Please note however that each individual learns in a different way and therefore you should not feel you have to use each and every one and these are not official recommendations by the deanery.

There are of course many other options which are not listed here.

If you have found a new resource which has been particularly useful please let the webmaster know and help us to share this.

Please choose from the contents below:


Sarah Abdulla, a Norwich radiology trainee has collated her physics notes into succinct bullet point/paragraph format which is easy to read and based on the syllabus you are expected to know. Please note however, as with Farr’s textbook, you will not be examined on ‘Screen Film Radiography’ however it is useful to understand the principles behind film radiography and tomography.

The standard recommended textbook for physics. It is advised you read the chapter before your tutorial weekly. Not the easiest to digest so don’t expect to understand it all at the first instance.



Revise Radiology is useful for testing anatomy knowledge with their 3000 questions. Fast log in and customisable question bank allows you to practice on your pc or phone in between scans or during your commute. You are given a score and compared to the average to give you a rough idea of your progress.

The Pocket atlas of sectional anatomy by Moeller and Reif are a three part series which provide excellent anatomical cover for various MRI, CT and angio images. Useful handbook to keep whilst reporting. An excellent resource for MR brain reading.


Useful PDFs